Using Amazon For Small Business Inventory and Prime 2 Day Shipping

Fulfillment by Amazon is a popular service that Amazon offers to its online sellers. The seller then submits their product information to Amazon for storage, delivery and selection. Once the item is selected, Amazon takes care of the rest, with no need to contact the seller. The seller only needs to list their product, and Amazon does all the rest.

Amazon’s storage capacity is unlimited. In fact, it holds thousands of items in its data center, many of which have never been even remotely looked at by humans. Amazon’s warehouses are staffed by robots and thousands of pallets of products lie in wait for them to be delivered. Because about this, it is not advisable for an individual seller to store their own inventory. It is advisable to use an Amazon business account to sell products to Amazon.

As with any other company selling goods on the internet, there are several taxes that Amazon charges. This is where an Amazon FBA guide would come in very handy. An FBA guide gives advice on how one can legally set up an Amazon business account, what are the minimum capital needed, and other tax information. It is advisable to seek the services of a professional accountant to advise on all of these matters, or else one may get into serious tax trouble. However, an FBA is easy to apply for, has no minimum capital requirement and no restrictions on its usage.

To start an Amazon business, one needs to find an ecommerce website that offers Amazon affiliation. Some of these sites offer free services, while others charge a monthly fee for the use of their resources. The free services include researching products to sell, storing inventories and shipping products to customers. Some of these services may also be extended to a customer base of one’s own.Look for more facts about freights at

Once the website is established, customer service should be enhanced. There are many aspects of customer service that can be taken care of by using Amazon fulfillment centers, such as, answering phone calls, sending e-mails and live chat, as well as tracking the inventory of the site. Amazon fulfillment centers also help reduce logistics costs for a website by having warehouses around the world that can fulfill orders. The cost of shipping between these two warehouses would be greatly reduced by using Amazon.

Prime 2 day shipping is also important for small businesses that need to stay on top of their inventory levels. Amazon fulfillment centers to make sure that the orders to go through the delivery service of the Amazon website. They ensure quick shipment by making sure that the order goes through the shipping service as soon as it has been placed. This saves the merchant from extra trips to the post office and reduces the cost of inventory control. Learn about starting an amazon fba business here!

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